Cronulla Line Upgrading And Duplication Project

Project Description

John Holland, in alliance with the Transport Construction Authority and United Group, expanded the rail corridor between Sutherland and Cronulla. The project saw the expansion of one of Sydney's most used transport corridors, and was all delivered in a live rail environment.

The Cronulla Rail Line Alliance was responsible for constructing a second electrified track along the existing rail corridor between Sutherland’s main line junction and the terminating yard at Cronulla.

The project involved the design and construction of 11 bridges; design, construction and upgrades to stations at Sutherland, Kirrawee and Woolooware; major road reconfigurations during the staging of bridgeworks and associated traffic management, as well as reconfigurations to station car parks and associated road layouts.

Other elements included the design and construction of 8.5km of new track, signalling systems across the corridor for both tracks, 1400m of noise walls, pavement allocation and construction, plus new stabling yards.

Completed in 2010, duplication of the Cronulla branch line has allowed for an increase in peak rail services for commuters from 4 trains per hour to 6 and reduced crowding.

Geo Image Services was awarded the contract due to its design, construction, rail experience and the ability to provide quality personnel. Geo Image Services ensured all survey works were managed with the utmost care and efficiency.

Scope of Works

  • Survey control
  • Define boundaries of the rail corridor
  • Monitor tracks, embankments, and structures
  • Construct 6 new road and rail bridges
  • Extend Sutherland and Cronulla Station platforms
  • Construct additional train stabling facilities at Cronulla Station
  • Construct additional platforms and easy access upgrades at Kirrawee Station and Woolooware Station
  • Build new cuttings embankments and retaining walls to accommodate the new track Construct 8.5km of new track.


John Holland – TIDC




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